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Old Faithful vs. Niagara Falls: What's Your Approach to Inclusive Teams?

Talking about diversity, equity and inclusion is one thing. Measuring progress is another. But it takes real commitment to use that data to create.

Why we're taking action to help more adults succeed beyond high school

Michigan is projected to add nearly 375,000 job openings this decade, many of them requiring education beyond high school. Where will we find the talent.

Leave no talent behind: Inclusive Team Culture event is critical

New data about Michigan’s shrinking workforce confirms that we cannot afford to exclude any segment of our workforce, and that practicing inclusion is a.

Michigan misses a talent opportunity by not prioritizing adult education

For more than a decade, Michigan has struggled with a lack of skilled talent. So, the state correctly invested in programs, like Michigan Reconnect,.

Change is constant, success is not: HR Council discusses strategies

Transformation has become a constant for employers of all types and all sizes. Successful transformation, however, is not nearly so universal.

Applied correctly, tech will make human talent better – not obsolete

Before investing in new technology to solve all your HR problems, first make sure you have an HR problem to solve.

We can fix the safety net so everyone benefits

Proposed federal legislation to reform food-stamp work requirements has revived a decades-long debate about the nature of benefits programs and their role.

Let's get HR leaders and CEOs on the same page – and at the same table

As the human resources field grows in stature – including as an appealing career – more CEOs see top HR leaders as strategic partners in the C-suite.

Hiring and Staffing Pros Share Insights to Prevent Labor Exploitation

A recent New York Times report described instances across the country – including in Grand Rapids – of unaccompanied teenage migrants working long hours.

Why Employer Brand Matters – And How We're Leveraging More HR Expertise

A positive employer brand can make a world of difference in recruiting and retaining top talent. More applicants. Faster hires. Reduced turnover..