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Learn 4 Key Steps to Attracting and Retaining Talent at Our Oct. 11 Event

Whether they know it or not, every employer has a reputation.

Employers Tap Diverse Talent Pools as Talent Solutions Series Returns

Finding qualified talent remains as challenging as ever. That’s no surprise to Michigan employers who have been recruiting in a market with only seven.

Continuing the Commitment to Cultivating Inclusive Workplaces Across West Michigan

West Michigan’s population is increasing in diversity across race and ethnic identities. Our region is expected to experience a 4% population growth in.

'Expand Your Talent Pipeline' Event Has Experts, Connections — and Fun

Our Expand Your Talent Pipeline event 3-5 p.m. Sept. 13 takes a new, action-oriented approach to our popular Talent Solutions Series.

At our Sept. 13 event, meet partners who can provide a stream of talent

The best-performing companies already have talent pipelines in place for vacancies they forecast for years in the future. When positions open, they’re.

Our Talent Solutions Series is back; Here's why you should attend

Employers hold the keys to a prosperous West Michigan where everyone can thrive. But first, they must have the talent they need. And that increasingly.

Join the movement to grow and keep skilled talent in West Michigan

West Michigan currently produces less than one-fourth of the postsecondary graduates we need. As a result, employers have too many openings and not enough.

Why we're watching Georgia's experiment with Medicaid work requirements

Through a series of complex legislative and judicial actions, Georgia in July became the only state to implement work requirements to qualify for expanded.

Employers go all-in on student success as investment in our future

In our efforts to make to make Michigan a leader for talent, we know exactly where to find the group with the greatest potential to accomplish that goal.

Is the 'Great Resignation' over? Data shows the answer is complicated

A recent headline from Axios declared what might appear to be good news for employers: "The Great Resignation is over, quit rates return to pre-pandemic.